Seeking three actors (two men and one woman) for upcoming one-act CREDITORS, written by August Strindberg and directed by Kimberly Laberge.

Performs August 28 - 30 over Zoom. Rehearsals will be held over Zoom from Monday, August 3 thru Thursday, August 27.

Produced as part of our theatre's seventh annual Summer Shakespeare program.


AUDITION INFO (updated July 5)

Zoom auditions will be held both Saturday, July 25 & Sunday, July 26. Audition time slots will be 30 minutes long. PLEASE NOTE, all time slots listed are Central Daylight Time.

Tentative callbacks on July 30, if necessary.

To sign up for a Zoom audition time slot (30 minutes), visit our audition event on Signup Genius 
Once you have signed up, you will be emailed sides from the script to read during auditions.
TIME SLOTS ARE LIMITED: be sure to sign up early!

If all time slots are filled on Signup Genius, we also will accept prerecorded submissions. Email us at in order to receive audition sides from the script. (Please include your name, age range, roles interested in auditioning for, your availability in August, and your acting resume/headshot.)



Please note, all times are Central Daylight Time (aka Chicago's timezone).

All rehearsals and performances will be held over Zoom. The first read-through will be held on Monday, August 3 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm CDT.

All rehearsals will be held Mondays thru Thursdays from 6:00 - 9:00 pm CDT, from Monday, August 3 thru Thursday, August 27. (This may alter depending on actor availability.)

Live Zoom performances will be held over the weekend of Friday, August 28 thru Sunday, August 30 (Friday & Saturday @ 6:00 pm CDT, Sunday @ 1:00 pm CDT).



This psychological three-person play is a one-act dramatic comedy (or perhaps a comical drama), written by Swedish playwright August Strindberg in the late 1800s. It is a love story about betrayal and manipulation, set at a seaside resort hotel owned by the married couple Adolph and Tekla (an artist and a writer, respectively). One day, a guest named Gustav arrives whilst Tekla is away and over the course of a week mentors the malleable Adolph in all things related to love, money and art. He also plants seeds of doubt in Adolph about whether or not his wife truly loves him, making him question if his marriage is a loveless sham designed only to elevate his wife's status in society. Gustav convinces Adolph to test his wife's loyalty and love upon her return through shady means....but, what Adolph doesn't know is that Gustav is Tekla's ex-husband, returned from afar to enact his plot of revenge against the happy couple.

Rated PG for adult situations and mild language. Not recommended for children, but doesn't contain objectionable content.



Adolph (male, age 20s-30s), a painter and owner of the hotel, married to Tekla. Quite malleable to others' suggestions.

Gustav (male, age 40s-50s), a mysterious guest at the hotel, formerly married to Tekla. Charismatic and manipulative.

Tekla (female, age 40s-50s), a writer and owner of the hotel, married to Adolph, formerly married to Gustav. Fun-loving and boisterous


Benefit Reading

The Fleeing Artists are producing a series of Zoom staged readings of works written by BIPOC playwrights, including African and African-American writers. All proceeds from these readings will be donated to support various BIPOC organizations and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Our next Zoom reading, which rehearses in early August and performs August 14 & 15, will raise donations for the non-profit organization Campaign Zero a non-profit organization that works to enact legislation for social justice and police reform at the local, state, and federal levels. For more info, please visit their website at ..

(Play's title to be announced soon.)

Directed by Raven Ariele


Actors will be reading one of the most famous, important plays ever written by an African-American playwright (and ever written, period), produced on Broadway in 1959 and inspired by the Langston Hughes poem, "A Dream Deferred" (also known as "Harlem").

The play is a family drama about a black family living in a tiny house on the south side of Chicago in the 1950s, who attempt to rise above their situation both individually and as a family. The family comes into some money after the family's patriarch dies and his life insurance is delivered. Some wish to purchase a nicer home in a better neighborhood, while others believe in funding their education, and the eldest son thinks of investing the money and owning a business. As the debate rages on, the question becomes: should the family dare to dream of a brighter future?


We are seeking nine adult actors -- four females (age range 18 - 60s) and five males (age range 20s - 60s), plus one child actor (age 8-14). All actors must be Black, except for one male actor who is white (ages 25-60s).

Auditions must be submitted by no later than Sunday, July 26.

To audition for this reading, email us your submission at, with the subject line "Benefit Audition". Please include your name, age range, headshot, resume, and a video of yourself presenting a memorized monologue. The memorized monologue should be around one minute long (two minutes max), from a 20th or 21st-century play (mid-to-late 20th century preferred), and preferably from a drama written by a BIPOC playwright. Think Lorraine Hansberry, or perhaps August Wilson. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at any time.



This reading will rehearse over Zoom during the first two weeks of August, beginning Sunday, August 2nd. Rehearsals will be held Sundays thru Thursdays from 6:30 pm CST to 10:00 pm CST (Sunday, August 2 thru Thursday, August 13).

Performs Friday, August 14 on Zoom @ 6:00 pm CST. Also may perform on Saturday, August 15 (at 2:00 pm CST and/or 6:00 pm CST). Details are being solidified and will be announced soon.


(Names of characters to be announced soon)

WOMAN 1 (black, age late 40s - 60s): Matriarch of the family, supports her children and their dreams. Down-to-earth and faithful. Committed to her family, especially her children.

Woman 2 (black, age mid-20s - 30s): Wife of the Matriarch's son, and loving mother to her own young son. Somewhat stereotypical housewife of the 1950s (cooks, cleans, etc.), but also speaks up for herself and works in other households as a working mother. Exhausted from overwork.

Woman 3 (black, age 18 - 30s): Daughter of the Matriarch, college-aged student who works hard to educate herself in order to help get herself (and her family) out of poverty. Kind, smart, and politically active. Dreams of becoming a doctor who helps the disadvantaged.

Woman 4 (black, age 20s - 60s): Nosy neighbor, lives close to the family. Does not believe the family should move to a white neighborhood, potentially resents the family.

Man 1 (black, late-20s - 30s ): Son of the Matriarch, extremely depressed due to working hard and being unable to rise above his station and provide adequately for his family. Dreams of being his own boss, and plans on opening a liquor store with his two buddies.

Man 2 (black, 18 - 30s): Love interest of the daughter, a student who moved to the USA from Nigeria. Is against black assimilation of white customs, and inspires the daughter to follow the same teachings. Proposes to the daughter by play's end and invites her to his home in Nigeria, though it is unclear if she accepts this proposal.

Man 3 (black, 18 - 30s): Love interest of the daughter, student who is quite handsome and believes the point of education is to secure better employment. Disliked by the daughter after some time for being too "assimilated" into white culture.

Man 4 (black, 18 - 40s): Friend of the son who also plans on opening the liquor store.

Man 5 (white, 20s - 60s): Works on the welcoming committee of Clybourne Park (the white neighborhood which the family is trying to move to). Tries to bribe the family to not move into the white neighborhood, in order to maintain the segregation.

Child 1 (black, 8-14): Grandchild of the Matriarch, age 10 or 11. Kind, optimistic.

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